Payment Methods

For your purchases from you can choose the following payment methods:

Via credit, debit and prepaid cards of Visa, MasterCard, Diners

By deposit in a bank account of Alpha Bank *:
IBAN: GR3901401220122002320013970
Beneficiary: ANYSTEP
By deposit in a bank account of Piraeus Bank *:
IBAN: GR5501719160006916143988411
Beneficiary: ANYSTEP

Cash on delivery. Cash on delivery service is free and valid only for kitchen knives and orders within Greece.

* For money transfers to Alpha Bank or Piraeus Bank from a different bank, the bank charges (commissions, etc.) are borne by the depositor. In this case, in order to transfer the amount of your order through e-banking of another bank, you need to select the field "Charging with the costs of all banks - indication (OUR)". In case you can not select the OUR field then in the final deposit amount include + 3Euros (which covers all bank charges).

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